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Shipping & Returns

Welcome to our website。

§ shop online product representation for submitting the offer. By clicking the button " Buy" You made a binding offer to acquire . Our products are sold only in normal household quantities for personal use.
§ We can accept your order , within five days via e-mail or deliver the goods sent order confirmation. Confirming receipt of the order does not constitute acceptance of a takeover offer , while the
§ If our order confirmation contain typographical or printing errors, or should our technology transfer mispricing behind , we have to question , in which we have to prove our right the wrong . Amounts already paid will be refunded immediately.

§ Delivery
§ Delivery by DHL, EMS.
§ If not all ordered products in stock , we are entitled to make partial shipment cost us , because it is reasonable for you .
§ If the ordered product is not available , because we are not supplied with this product from our suppliers is not wrong, we can withdraw from the contract . In this case , we will inform you immediately , if necessary , it is recommended to provide a comparable product . If there is no similar product or if you do not want to offer a similar product , we will refund you paid without delay .

§ Payment
§ Payment will be made either in advance , cash on delivery , Paypal or credit card. § If you pay in advance , we will provide our bank details to confirm the order . Invoice amount to be paid to our bank account within 10 days.

§ rights reserved
The goods remain our property until full payment. Prior to the transfer of ownership is not allowed to pledge, transfer , processing or transformation without our consent .
§ Please avoid damage and contamination. If possible, send the goods in the original packaging and all accessories all packaging components to us. Use of protective packaging. If you do not have the original packaging , please have adequate protection during transport to prevent damage to provide suitable packaging to avoid compensation claims because of errors due to the damaged packaging .
§ Please return the goods to us as are insurance programs , to save on the receipt . We will refund you also want to request postage in advance , if you assume they are not .

§ Responsibility
We exclude our liability for minor negligent breach of duty , provided these are not contractual obligations , injury to life, body or health , according to the product liability law guarantee losses or claims caused affected. Our alternative medicine applies equally to meet its obligations.

Solve your problem
If you have any questions, please feel , to Contact Us. We will process your request or complaint, respond as quickly as possible.